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Highest purging duration with India-made Purge Plugs

06 Jun 2023

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RHI Magnesita Refractory Services team in collaboration with the Sales and Technical Services team has been able to successfully achieve the highest purging duration of 47 hours 20 minutes (2840 minutes) at JSPL Raigarh with heat shrink 410 mm Purge Plug made in our Bhiwadi plant. The record exceeds an average of about 2000 minutes of purging duration otherwise achieved from regular plugs. The team has been able to take 32 heats with our purge plug against the average of 22 heats.

The newly set-up Purge Plug making unit at Bhiwadi plant which was developed as part of a technology transfer arrangement with our Urmitz plant (Germany) in August last year has been crucial in the execution of our Local-for-Local strategy while also delivering performance at par with the global products.

Read more about the commissioning of the unit view more.

With the mindset of innovation and continuous improvement, our customer site teams continue to deliver record-breaking performances. Some of the latest performance highlights are compiled in the video below. Watch now!