Firing the growth engine of the Cement industry

The experience and track record of RHI Magnesita group in the cement industry are unmatched. We offer a complete product and service portfolio for the whole cement process, to exceed our customers’ expectations regarding productivity and profitability.

cement industry

We are a global partner for the cement industry. Ever since refractory bricks have been used in rotary kilns in the cement industry, we have been contributing significantly towards guaranteeing optimum lining quality and safe production. Durability, reliability and functionality are essential factors for refractory materials in the cement industry.

Our products, from magnesia spinel, dolomite, dolomite-magnesia, magnesia-chrome, to high alumina, alumina silicate and mortars, and our customized services and solutions are the key to a unique delivery to our customers worldwide.


  • Large number of patents including the active spinel technology for basic bricks for rotary kilns
  • IS impregnation technology for fireclay and alumina products
  • The greatest supply security with incomparable verticalization
  • Pioneering developments in response to the critical conditions in kiln operation resulting from an increased use of alternative fuels
our differentials


  • Product portfolio: With our broad product range we are able to offer materials for each area of the pyro-process.
  • Customized lining concepts: A detailed analysis of the process conditions is vital for achieving a significant improvement of the performance of refractories.
  • Refractory seminars and training: Knowledge of refractories can save a lot of money. Therefore we offer different types of seminars and training tailor-made for our customers.
  • Post-mortem investigations: Even at the end of a production campaign a used refractory product can provide useful information for the further optimization of the respective lining area.
  • Shell test measurements: the mechanical condition of a kiln influences the performance of refractories. A shell test measurement reveals important information for preventive maintenance measures in the tyre
  • Supervision: The best possible installation of our products is ensured on site by experienced supervisors.
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