Sustanibility - Environment

Building a Greener Planet

As the world’s population grows, the challenge is to meet the needs of future generations while operating within the constraints of the planet’s resources. We recognise that our operations contribute to climate change. We also recognise the importance of a circular economy and are stepping up efforts to close the loop of our product lifecycles. When our products reach their end of life, we aim to dismantle them, recycling as much as possible into new applications.

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Air & Energy Management

The refractory industry is, by nature, an energy-intensive business. We are therefore committed to reducing our impacts, both in our operations and our value chain. By 2025, RHI Magnesita group has set a target to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% per tonne and improve energy efficiency by 5%, compared to 2018. At our Bhiwadi plant, the efforts have resulted in 78% reduction in PM, 90% reduction in SO2 & 75% reduction NOx emission.

Waste Management

By 2025, RHI Magnesita group aims to include 10% secondary raw materials (SRM) per tonne of production. In India, the Bhwadi plant has been able to put in practice a successful product recycling process wherein 22% of its products are now being recycled. There have been continuous process innovations being done in this regard at the plants of RHI Magnesita India to meet the global group targets.

Water Management

We recognize the fact that both our refractory plants are in water scarce areas. We adopt water-saving technologies and closed-loop water circuit technology in these plants, which account for less than 10% of our total water use. Due to the efforts put in, we have been able to reduce ground water consumption by 50% and waste water generation has significantly been reduced. Both our plants have been able to achieve Zero discharge. Projects for setting up rain water harvesting plants in the plants are currently on.

Some recent key Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

  • Change in Fuel from LDO to PNG has resulted in substantial reduction in emission
  • Conversion of SGR oil fired Kilns into Gas Fired Kilns
  • Modification of roller conveyor to closed Z Conveyor in Impact Mills
  • Developing suppliers in India for making Incineration system for Curing Ovens
  • Installation and regular monitoring of sewage treatment plants
  • Improving the Power Factor of 0.99 and above through AMPF system.
  • Modificatio drying cycles for precast driers to reduce energy consumption
  • Replacement of conventional contactors with Thyristorised system in Electrical Driers