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Industry Focus - Paper & Pulp

Firing the growth engine of
the Paper & Pulp Industry

We are a global complete refractory supplier to the paper and pulp industry, increasing the productivity and product quality of our customers. The pulp and paper manufacturing process requires application-specific refractories.


In rotary furnaces for calcination, silico-aluminous and aluminous materials are used. In boilers, various technologies can also be applied, taking into account the insulation and abrasion resistance. For this equipment, RHI Magnesita offers repair and maintenance mixes, designed and vibrated concretes of high silicon carbide content and other special products. 


  • Research and Development is in charge of the development of new products and technical marketing, constantly monitoring refractory lining performance, improving projects, introducing new solutions, increasing performance and working on cost reduction.
  • Global presence and customized services and solutions: the key to a unique delivery and market & process-oriented package for our customers worldwide.
  • Introduction of new refractories adapted to the specific needs of each customer, considering its operational and application variables.
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