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World Class Products for Heat Management

We offer a wide range of high quality refractory products and mixes to our customers in Steel, Cement & Lime, Non Ferrous Metals, Glass and other industries. From Furnace to ladle to mould, RHI Magnesita provides the entire gamut of refractory products for the whole spectrum of high temperature manufacturing processes. All our products are custom made to suit the casting conditions and grade requirement of the product being cast and are a result of an intensive research and development effort.

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Some of our specialty products are –

  • Isostatically pressed Continuous Casting Refractories
    • Ladle to Tundish Shrouds
    • Monoblock Stoppers
    • Submerged Entry Nozzle/ Submerged Entry Shrouds
    • Convertor Tap Hole Sleeve
  • Slide Gate Plates
  • Nozzles and Well Blocks
  • Tundish Nozzles
  • Bottom Purging Refractories and Top Purging Lances
  • Slag Arresting Darts
  • Basic Spray Mass for Tundish working lining
  • Castables
  • High Alumina Bricks
  • Magnesia Carbon Bricks