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Machinery that stands the heat

Refractory products are used in all the world’s high-temperature industrial processes. To operate under extreme conditions with temperatures of 1200°C and much higher, special equipment is required.

RHI Magnesitas Refractory Application Machinery provides answers to these challenges. Our job is to supply our customers worldwide with tailored solutions and services. We offer a complete special machinery and service portfolio for application in EAF, Converter, Ladle, RH Degasser, Tundish and Rotary Kiln.

Customers can rely on us. As the global leader in refractories our goal is to set the pace of innovation in our industry. We are ready for your challenge.


Please check out Refractory Application Machinery’s latest development:

rhim-icon-robotics-1e-GEKKO – RHI Magnesitas battery powered gunning manipulator

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