Our Mission: we take innovation to
1200 °C and beyond

Leadership is not just about being the biggest or strongest. To us, it’s about using those advantages to set the pace of innovation in our industry – and deliver the best for our customers. So we don’t take our market leadership for granted. We aim to stay No.1 by driving positive change in our industry, and the industries that rely on us.


The strategic engines that drive us on our mission are -

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    We are able to serve our customers better than anyone else. We are in more places have more tailored and better quality solutions more highly-skilled and friendly people and a more reliable supply.

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    We drive innovation in every aspect of our business from sourcing production and full service solution to bespoke new business models and efficient new processes that transform what is possible under extreme conditions.

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    We have an attitude of openness to change new ideas and breaking the traditional ‘ways of doing things’. We take new ideas and rapidly drive them forward to make them a reality.