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Firing the growth engine of the Environment
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We offer a complete product and service portfolio for a wide variety of plants for energy technologies, the chemical and petrochemical industries, to exceed our partners’ expectations. We are your partner in the environment protection and energy technology sectors worldwide.

We supply our customers

We supply our customers with more than just outstanding products. We serve them with future-ready refractory solutions. Among them are special unique refractories; shaped products based on silicon carbide, magnesia, zirconium, fireclay and alumina including special chrome corundum grades; unshaped refractories for a wide variety of applications; high-temperature insulation and ceramic and metallic anchoring systems for all applications. Besides that, RHI Magnesita offers multi-dimensional heat flux calculations for stationary and dynamic process conditions, and calculations and illustrations of multi-dimensional stress and pressure conditions.


  • Innovative refractory solutions for GTL (gas-to-liquid) processes for the production of better, purer diesel fuels, in coal gasification for the reduction of greenhouse gases, and highly abrasion-resistant mixes for the use in FCC plants
  • Focused work in developing new technologies in our Research Centers
  • New development of refractory products in order to accomplish higher purity in thermal processes 
our differentials


  • A high level of expertise
  • Calculation, evaluation and illustration of multi-dimensional stress conditions in refractory linings as a function of the particular operating temperature
  • Complete lining concepts
  • Refractory engineering with state-of-the-art CAD systems
  • Detailed project documentation including installation instructions
  • Multi-dimensional heat flux calculations for stationary and dynamic process conditions Development of specific, individual refractory solutions in cooperation with research centers
  • Complete installation and lining supervision by experienced engineers
  • Extensive, worldwide sales network
  • Service teams and equipment to train site personnel for applying new lining
  • Techniques (self-leveling castables, COMPAC SOL lining)

RHI Magnesita provides engineering, refractory materials, installation and services worldwide for processes in waste incineration and power generation plants as well as special processes, including:

  • TiO2 manufacturing
  • Raw Material calcination
  • Phosphate production
  • Thermal waste treatment
  • Power generation
  • Chemical processing
  • Hydrocarbon processing
  • Petrochemical
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