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Strategic Partnership for NGG & NU capacity expansion in India

08 Apr 2021

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RHI Magnesita India, has signed a “Manufacturing & Supply” Agreement with refractory maker Arvind Industries. As part of the strategic agreement arrived at with Arvind Industries, RHI Magnesita would have exclusive rights to utilize 75% of the production capacity of its plant at Champa in the Indian state of Chattisgarh. The products manufactured at this facility, as per RHI Magnesita standards and quality specifications, would be directly supplied by RHI Magnesita to its customers in India and abroad under RHI Magnesita trademark. This would work as a “Satellite Plant” to our Vizag facility and would further increase our NGG capacity in India by 12000 MTPA and NU capacity by 6000 MTPA. .