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RHI Magnesita facilitates major steel plant expansion

10 Apr 2024

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A flagship steel plant in Karnataka, India, which currently produces 12 million tons of steel annually, has achieved a significant milestone with its recent expansion adding 5 million tons of capacity. This expansion project includes the installation of 2 x 350-ton Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF), Ladle Furnaces (LF), RH Degassers, and 2 x Twin Slab Casters. RHI Magnesita has been a key partner in this venture, managing the refractory work from the outset.

On April 10, 2024, the plant successfully took its first heat for commissioning. RHI Magnesita was responsible for the torpedo ladle lining (used for carrying steel from SMS I), steel ladle lining, slide gate (machinery with refractories), and ladle shroud. The first heat was cast smoothly without any issues, marking a significant achievement for the project.

This milestone highlights the collaborative effort and expertise of RHI Magnesita and the customer plant team. The Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) section of the plant will also be commissioned using 100% refractories supplied by RHI Magnesita.

Special recognition is given to the on-site team and production units for their swift and efficient execution of all contracts within a short three-month period. This accomplishment reinforces RHI Magnesita’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the steel industry, setting a benchmark for future projects.

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