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Record customer delivery performances across the region

17 Jul 2023

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At RHI Magnesita, delivering exceptional customer value remains our primary focus. Our teams across India and the larger region continue to work towards improving customer service performances, delivering innovative products and solutions to serve them better than ever.

With the collaboration of Refractory Services site team and the team of a leading steel plant in UAE, unprecedented milestone has been achieved at SMP1 plant with a record of the highest-ever Doloma Ladle single-shot life with 145 heats, surpassing our previous record of 140 heats. The celebration of this achievement was graced by the presence of senior officials from the customer.

With expertise from R&D, our site team at a leading steel plant in Central India in collaboration with Sales and Technical Excellence has been able to achieve highest-ever Ladle life with 82 heats, breaking the previous record of 81 heats.

With a clearly defined target, our teams embraced the challenge and demonstrated relentless efforts, ensuring continuous monitoring and promptly implementing corrective actions when necessary. These accomplishments not only showcase our commitment to deliver value to our customers but also serve as a testament to the remarkable capabilities of our dedicated workforce.