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Recharged India Sales organization all set to serve you better

17 Apr 2023

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With the integration of three of the leading Indian Refractory makers, the new RHI Magnesita India strives to build a common future together with you with a shared vision. With a new approach for our business where we RISE Together and grow with our customers, we intend to strengthen our organization and build a collaborative culture that adds value for our customers.

Combining the best talents from the three companies - RHI Magnesita India, Dalmia OCL and Hi-Tech Chemicals - we have been able to build a team with diverse experience, capabilities, and skills to be able to improve our product and service delivery and serve our customers better.

Under the direct leadership of Jyotirmoy Bhattacharjee, the Sales Steel India organization structure continues to follow the Key Account Management setup. The roles and responsibilities have been distributed amongst the team of 7 sales managers based on customer accounts and geographical distribution of customer locations across the country. This helps us be closer to our customer and more focused in serving them.

Steel India Organization


The Sales organization will be well supported by a larger and newly strengthened team of Marketing & Solutions (M&S) under the leadership of Thomas Mathew. The M&S function will comprise of 4 dedicated teams led by highly experienced technical experts for – Iron Making, Flow Control, Steel Making and Non-Refractory Services (Metallurgical Solutions, Digitization, Equipment and Engineering & Design). A highly experienced team led by Nandan Santra under M&S will be responsible for providing refractory services at customer sites with regional managers supervising the site teams.

Industrial India Organization

Our Industrial segment has been bifurcated into two verticals of Cement headed by Rohan Shah, NFM & Process Industries headed by Sudipta Saha and Lime led by Ajit Shrivastava with their dedicated teams under the overall leadership of Bruno Juncioni. The Sales team will be supported by a Marketing & Solutions through a dedicated group of experts in India in Technical Services for the industrial segment under the leadership of Sumanta Mukhopadhyay.

We believe that together we will deliver the best for our customers and understand their concerns, cultures and ways of working.

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