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Monotube Changer MTC-ESP commissioned for the first time in India

02 Oct 2022

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RHI Magnesita onsite team in collaboration with our production team at the Bhiwadi plant, R&D, Marketing & Solutions and Sales team successfully commissioned Monotube Changer MTC-ESP at the Slab Tundish Caster in one of the leading steel makers based in southern India. The MTC-ESP is one of our advanced technology flow control solutions and has been commissioned for the first time in India. The MTC Nozzle (NC) has been manufactured in our Bhiwadi plant in a major boost to our local production capabilities.

The project for development of the MTC NC was started at our Bhiwadi plant in January 2021. This was a technology transfer project from our ISO plant in Dalian, China and has been executed following Global guidelines and standards.

With the new MTC-ESP, the team has so far been able to complete 7 Tundish, with highest 18 heats taken with Monotube change in 8th heat and the 2nd Monotube life of 10 heats. This development enables us to offer our customers in India with MTC ESP as part of Slab Tundish Management with complete local production and commissioning expertise.

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