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Longest casting duration achieved for Tundish Gate

17 Apr 2023

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RHI Magnesita OnSite team in collaboration with Marketing & Solutions and Sales team has successfully achieved a new record for a closed casting Tundish gate 33QC for IIC MIDA Caster at the customer site - Egyptian Steel (IIC) in Egypt. The maximum casting duration was 43 hours equal to 55 heats. This sequence duration is the longest casting time for a Tundish Slide Gate system / billet caster reported for RHI Magnesita.

This achievement was a result of major efforts and continuous improvements including actions of improving the operation and mechanism sealing, using of Mortared steel in lower plates of quality Rubinal 337 T4 and the selection of high-performance refractory like the SES of D99NZ968. In addition, the use of a new selected quality Alumina carbon Grasanit ACA931 T4 as the middle plate instead of the zirconia-based plate Zettral 82MA has shown an outstanding improvement with the best cost performance ratio so far.

We have the potential of achieving 50 hours of casting time using the current process. This achievement strengthens our position in the Tundish Gate Flow Control refractories especially for the MIDA casters projects.