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First-ever Refractory Repair & Maintenance Job by RHI Magnesita India in Sinter Plant

11 May 2022

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During the 72 hours shut down of Sinter Plant at TATA Steel Kalinganagar recently, RHI Magnesita site team executed the major task of refractory repair work. The repair work was carried out in various areas like furnace side-wall refractory, furnace roof insulation change & furnace discharging side, new catch door & one annealing new cover casting etc. based on observation of interruptions & online analytical job like thermography and visual inspection.

Since the job has been executed inside a confined space (Type A), the team ensured utmost safety by strictly following the Standard Safety Operating Procedures and 6-directional hazard identification during the task.

Relining of Burner Side Wall Area

rhi 1

Discharging Side Wall Area Repair

rhi 2

Furnace Roof Repair

rhi 3

Roof Refractory and Metallic Anchor - Replaced with New Insulation

rhi 4

DCTC Casting with LC70LI & Insulation Castable for Inclined Portion

rhi 5

Furnace Discharging Side Catch Door with LC 70 LI Castable

rhi 6

Annealing Cover Casting

rhi 7