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Development of PCPF DELTA for EAF roof lining in Vizag

10 Dec 2022

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RHI Magnesita’s PCPF DELTA is a unique and innovative refractory application which is instrumental for steel production in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Currently being manufactured at our Vizag plant, Pre-Cast Pre-Fired (PCPF) DELTA encloses the EAF furnace (heat insulation), minimizes energy losses and acts as an electrical insulator surrounding the electrodes, withstanding high temperatures (thermal wear) generated by the process and protecting the external environment from the hot dust particles and acoustics. It has been deployed in two of India’s leading integrated steel plants with highest EAF life achievements in the range of 495-683 heats.

The conventional methods of in-situ casting involved casting directly into the metal frame with moderate heating which resulted in paltry life of 150 heats. On the other hand, our site team at JSW BPSL has been able to achieve the highest life in PCPF DELTA with record 683 heats. PCPF DELTA uses latest innovation in the field of sol-bonded mixes to meet the most demanding conditions experienced by the EAF roof lining, which includes high degree of thermal radiation, excessive mechanical wear and huge thermal shock.

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