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Continuous improvement in customer deliveries with record breaking performances

31 Dec 2022

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RHI Magnesita Onsite Services (OSS) team operates collaboratively with the Sales and Marketing & Solutions team to continuously improve upon our customer deliveries and site performances. Living up to our core culture value of being customer focused, the teams have been working closely with the customers with utmost safety and an innovative mindset of continuous process improvement. We are here presenting to you some of the record-breaking performance deliveries by our team in last few weeks –

ISP Burnpur

  • Achieved highest number of heats in a single tundish – With the achievement of 43 heats, our site team exceeded not only its own previous record (35 heats) but also the highest-ever at IISCO attained by one of our competitors (37 heats). This has been the highest sequence length of Billet Caster achieved so far at ISP, Burnpur.
  • Achieved highest-ever torpedo ladle (TLC #1) lining life of 2002 heats against the guaranteed life of 1500 heats. This remarkable achievement is the highest-ever at ISP, Burnpur, exceeding the previous high of 1908 heats from one of our competitors.

Local newspaper coverage


Customer appreciation certificate for the achievement

JSW ISPL Raigarh Site

  • Achieved highest-ever life in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) of 628 heats against the previous best of 572 heats. In addition, the site team was successful in achieving highest EBT life on the same EAF with record 343 heats, surpassing the previous high of 310 heats.
  • Reached highest casting duration for the first time. With the total of 13 heats taken with 5th strand, our team was able to reach 919 minutes of casting duration from the previous high of 905 minutes.

JSPL Angul Site

Achieved highest-ever steel production of 140,250 MT and total heats of 600 from NOEF in the month of November and the highest of 30 heats in a day.

TATA Steel Kalinganagar Site

Reached highest-ever torpedo life of 2121 heats with no brick repair and only intermediate gunning, surpassing the previous highest of 2109 heats. 

JSPL Raigarh Site

Achieved highest-ever steel ladle life of 164 heats at SMS II

TATA Steel Long Products Site

Achieved highest-ever delta life at EAF#3 of 301 heats.

RHI Magnesita takes pride in the hard work and consistent efforts of each of its employees working incessantly to serve our customers better.

Congratulations to the respective Site Incharges and their teams involved in adding value and taking our customer services to 1200°C and beyond!