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Continuing to deliver new record heats

20 Mar 2023

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At RHI Magnesita, we live innovation to create value for our customers by providing the best service and solutions. We believe in working closely with our customers and understanding their concerns, cultures and ways of working. Our team deployed at various customer sites work with creative mindset and a continuous improvement approach.

Recently, our OnSite Services team in collaboration with the Sales and Marketing & Solutions team has successfully been able to innovate, improve and break their own performance records. Some of the latest record-breaking performances are highlighted as under -

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam, Visakhapatnam Site

  • Achieved 5626 heats with 14 Mt of gunning in LD1 converter at SMS II against the previous best of CNML 4750 heats with 172 Mt gunning consumption. This is the highest-ever heats in the converter at the customer site and is still in circulation.
  • Achieved highest-ever life in RH degasser with 108 heats against the previous record of 92 heats. This achievement by our team is the all-time high life recorded at the customer site.

Electrosteel Steels Ltd., Bokaro Site

Achieved highest-ever sequence of L+40 in open Tundish with monotube and the cast duration of 29 hours surpassing the previous highest of L+36 with 25 hours 47 minutes of cast duration.

JSW ISPL Raigarh Site

  • With the latest Rail grade, our team achieved L+14 Tundish heats for the first time to reach about 900 minutes of casting duration.
  • Achieved highest-ever life in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) of 637 heats against the previous best of 628 heats in December. In addition, the site team was successful in achieving highest EBT life on the same EAF with record 385 heats, surpassing the previous high of 343 heats in December.

Rimjhim Ispat Site

Achieved the highest-ever Tundish back-up life of 1501 heats against the previous best of 1208 heats and is still running efficiently.

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