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Achieved the highest score in safety risk assessment

02 Dec 2022

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RHI Magnesita onsite service team at TATA Steel Meramandali received a 4-star rating in an assessment related to contractor safety risk evaluation (star-rating system on a scale of 0-5) deployed by TATA Steel. This is the highest-ever score attained by our team, a 22% improvement from the score in the assessment last year.

The assessment is conducted on a wide-ranging parameters like planning and implementation of safety system and processes, safety checks and related lead and lag indicators. Each parameter is then further categorized into different clauses and a score is attached to each one of them to evaluate the safety performance of the service provider. TATA Steel deploys only 3-star and above rated service providers on high-risk jobs.

RHI Magnesita is committed to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Focus on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and commitment of 100% safety at work remains a top priority for us. We have a robust OHS management system in place across all our customer sites. It is a framework that allows us to consistently identify and control site health and safety risks, reduce the potential for incidents, help achieve compliance with health and safety legislation and continually improve its performance.