Digitalize your kiln inspections to enhance safety and performance

Digitalize your kiln inspections to enhance safety and performance

RHI Magnesita India has successfully performed its first Laser Evaluation Scan (LES) for one of its cement customers, marking a significant advancement in kiln evaluation techniques. This innovative method was employed during the customer's cement kiln shutdown, offering a superior alternative to traditional methods like drilling.

Key Advantages of the Laser Evaluation Scan:

Speed: The LES method is considerably faster than traditional evaluation techniques, minimizing downtime during kiln shutdowns.

Precision: The scan provides highly accurate measurements, ensuring a thorough assessment of the kiln's condition.

Comprehensive Data Integration: The LES consolidates all relevant information, including:

  • Panoramic pictures of the kiln
  • 3D kiln navigation within the software
  • Leftover Thickness (LOT) measurements
  • Customer-specific heatmap thresholds

The RHI Magnesita team presented the interactive results on the LES platform, accompanied by a detailed report. This comprehensive approach provides a clear and precise overview of the kiln's status, facilitating informed decision-making for the customer.

How it works? Watch the video here.

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