6 Industries that Rely Upon Refractory Solutions

Refractory solutions manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India are considered to be essential in all industrial production processes that take place under extreme temperatures. Frankly speaking, no industry can produce desperately required products without applying refractory solutions.  

This blog talks about some major industries that make use of refractory solutions:

      1. Iron & Steel Industry

Refractories are considered to be the primary materials for the steel and iron industry. Refractory Monolithics are used by the industry for better heat control to produce iron and steel. Apart from this, the iron and steel industry also needs refractory solutions manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India for a large number of other applications. Some of the other applications include the following:

  • Holding and transporting different types of metals and slags
  • Furnace lining for heating steel, and
  • A wide range of flues where hot gases are present. 

The iron and steel industry depends upon refractory solutions for the following advantages:

  • Innovative technology solutions adhering to all the safety and security standards
  • Optimized lining concepts exactly in sync with the production process
  • Materials and systems that are perfectly optimized for specific metallurgical needs
  • Individually adapted system packages for problem-solving
  • High-grade products with innovative design solutions and lining methods.

Refractories Solutions for Aluminium Industry

In the aluminium industry, refractories manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India are called refractory material installation. In this industry, all the furnaces always need high-quality refractory solutions for all stages because the processes they carry out include:

  • Melting
  • Refining
  • Treating
  • Processing aluminum scraps.

When it comes to high oxygen affinity, aluminum always scores higher with a strong possibility of potential reactions resulting in corundum at the surface lining. Therefore, this industry has to rely upon high-performance refractory lining and bricks.

Glass Industry

The glass industry around the globe is well-known for confronting a wide range of thermal and chemical attacks in its furnaces that have a very negative impact upon the structure of the furnaces. The damages caused by these attacks various times result in lowered glass production. Therefore, the glass industry has to depend upon high-quality refractory solutions manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India to prevent any kind of serious damages to the furnaces. 

Chemical destruction due to excessive temperature in the furnace lining is the most common occurrence in the glass industry it can be prevented only by using high-quality refractory solutions. What’s more, an expert refractory lining contractor is required to carry out the installation task so that all the glass processes can withstand extreme heat changes effectively and efficiently

The product portfolio of the top 10 refractory companies in India includes refractory bricks, blocks, mixes, and mortars belonging to the given below material groups:  

  • Calcium aluminate
  • Insulation materials
  • Magnesia and zircon-magnesia
  • High alumina / mullite / andalusite / fireclay
  • Chrome-alumina
  • Zircon
  • Silica.

The glass industry depends upon refractory solutions for the following advantages:    

  • Increased productivity and overall product quality
  • Technical know-how and international orientation
  • State-of-the-art machinery and service network
  • Quick availability for service and optimal product application
  • The entire range of unshaped products used in the melting processes, and
  • Refractory lines that exhibit excellent performance in regenerators
  • Lining recommendations
  • Efficiency calculations
  • Refractory design.

Refractories for Power Generation Industry

With the constant evolvement of the power generation industry, the importance and applications of refractory solutions are also getting crucial with each passing day. Meeting the power demands of the world involves a large number of procedures and processes. In the light of the same, better control on heat processes can be achieved only with the high-quality refractories manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India. The installation process takes both deep-domain knowledge and expertise. For instance, creating power using coal needs powerful boiler refractory installed by a proven expert to protect against thermal shocks. 

Refineries, Petrochemicals & Chemicals

Refineries, chemical, and petrochemical plants across the globe need some specific castables manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India to serve various purposes so that they can efficiently and effectively maintain all the hydrocarbon and refinery processes. Additionally, the right kind of refractory solutions can also play a pivotal role in reducing the refractory lining consumption rate in the following apparatuses:

  • Fired heaters
  • Catalytic reactors
  • Sulfur burners, and
  • Gasifiers.

Apart from all the above-mentioned facts, refineries, chemical, and petrochemical plants across the globe also need to make strategies not only to reduce the running costs but also lessen the carbon footprints. Therefore, they need long-term refractory lining stability

Refractory Solutions for Cement Industry

Another industry that makes use of high-quality refractory solutions manufactured and supplied by the top 10 refractory companies in India is the cement industry.  The primary reason lies in the complications in the operational processes carried out in a cement manufacturing plant. Some of the most common issues that a cement manufacturing plant faces include the following:

  1. Thinning of refractory lining
  2. Alkali build-up
  3. Intense thermal shocks
  4. Creation spall, etc.

This way, high-performance durable refractory solutions are required not only to safeguard kilns and burner pipes but also coolers, and a large number of other tools and equipment.

Some of the top refractory offerings by the top 10 refractory companies in India for the cement industry include the following:

  • Active spinel technology for basic bricks for rotary kilns
  • IS impregnation technology for fireclay and alumina products
  • Pioneering developments in response to the critical conditions in kiln operation
  • Refractory optimization model.

Concluding Remarks 

Taking innovation to 1200°C and beyond, RHI Magnesita is among the top 10 refractory companies in India having the largest number of locations around the world. The company provides its customers with innovative, reliable products and services with the most robust supply, and quality security, due to its exceptional vertical integration, right from mining and production, to full-service solutions.